Journal of Bone and Mineral Research – March 2012

G Venturi, A Gandini, E Monti… – Journal of Bone and …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
Sections were stained with Goldner’s stain and measurements were performed by means of an image analysis system (Bone 3.5, Explora Nova, France). Histomorphometric parameters were reported in accordance with the ASBMR Committee nomenclature.

Bone – January 2012

G Venturi, E Monti, LD Carbonare, M Corradi… – Bone, 2011 – Elsevier
with an initially mild and then progressively severe form of osteogenesis imperfecta due to a novel homozygous splicing mutation in FKBP10 C) and a computer equipped with a specific software for histomorphometric analyses (Bone 3.5, Explora Nova, France).

Journal of Bone 2011

JR Stubbs, N He, A Idiculla… – Journal of Bone and …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
Processing of specimens for bone histomorphometry was performed as previously described (9). Bone histomorphometry measurements were performed using the Explora Nova Bone system V4.0 (La Rochelle, France) following Goldner’s

Bone – November 2011

S Boutroy, N Vilayphiou, JP Roux, PD Delmas… – Bone, 2011 – Elsevier
Comparison between microarchitecture assessed by HR-pQCT and  histomorphometry. Regarding the distribution of the variables, non-parametric tests were performed. The relationships between 2D and 3D parameters were studied using Spearman

Journal of Orthopaedic Research – April 2011

H Follet, S Viguet‐Carrin… – Journal of …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
11 Three sections per specimen—bulk stained with xylenol orange—were measured using  fluorescence (excitation/emission wavelength of 440–570/610 nm) microscopy at ×200 magnification and morphometry software (Bone Morpho; Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France).
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European Journal of Endocrinology – June 2011

A Doublier, D Farlay, MT Khebbab, X Jaurand… – European Journal of …, 2011 – EFES
These bone samples have been analyzed by histomorphometry and also showed increased quantitative evaluation of X-ray absorption by the bone section, a calibration reference system were used to analyze grey levels of the aluminium standard (Explora Nova, La Rochelle,
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Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism – Vol. 29 No.6

B Burt-Pichat, H Follet, G Toulemonde, M Arlot… – Journal of Bone and … – Springer
magnification and using morphometry software (Bone Morpho; Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). visible but tetracycline labeling (double labeling) faded and the bone area was cracks were visible but double labeling was faint (histomorphometry measurement unavailable).
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Bone Histology

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BONE is a complete quantification system that can be fitted onto any microscope. This sytem is specially designed to help the biologist explore and analyze bone slides according to international bone histology standards (Bone Histology : Standardization of Nomenclature, Symbols and Units. Parfitt et al Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 1987, Vol 2, n6, 595-610, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers)

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Biomaterials – September 2010

Functionalization of matrices by cyclically stretched osteoblasts through matrix targeting of VEGF [PDF] from

C Faure, L Vico, P Tracqui, N Laroche… – Biomaterials, 2010 – Elsevier

Skeletonized images were implemented in BONE software (Explora Nova, La Rochelle France) in order to extract nodes number per image; n = 6. 2.12. Statistical analysis. Statistical analysis was performed using the STATISTICA6 software (StatSoft Inc., Tulsa, OK, USA).
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