Journal of Neuroscience – November 2011

l-DOPA Impairs Proteasome Activity in Parkinsonism through D1 Dopamine Receptor

A Berthet, E Bezard, G Porras, S Fasano… – The Journal of …, 2012 –
Neurons were viewed and randomly selected by the investigator with a Zeiss Axioplan 2  fluorescence microscope with a ×100, 1.4 NA lens and captured on a Micromax-cooled CCD camera (Princeton Instruments) using Fluo Up imaging V1.00 software (Explora Nova).

Journal of Cell Biology – April 2011

C Caillava, R Vandenbosch… – The Journal of Cell …, 2011 –
2 ). In the anterior subventricular zone (six 12-µm sagittal sections), results were expressed as the number of cells per surface (mm 2 ). Images were acquired with a 40× objective lens using a fluorescent microscope (DBM; Leica) and image acquisition software (Explora Nova).
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Brain – October 2009

Coverslips were mounted with fluoromount G (Southern Biotechnology, Alabama, USA) and evaluated using a DBM Leica fluorescence microscope and Explora Nova (La Rochelle, France) image acquisition software. In vitro statistical analysis.
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Neurobiology of Disease – September 2009

A Gaillard, M Decressac, I Frappé… – Neurobiology of …, 2009 – Elsevier

The main transplantation strategy in Parkinson’s disease has been to place dopaminergic grafts not in their ontogenic site, the substantia nigra, but in their target area, the striatum with contrasting results. Here we have used green fluorescent protein transgenic…
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PLoS – August 2009

Parkin deficiency delays motor decline and disease manifestation in a mouse model of synucleinopathy [HTML] from

M Fournier, J Vitte, J Garrigue, D Langui, JP Dullin… – PloS one, 2009 –

The same procedure was used twice sequentially for double stainings. Fluorescent images were acquired with an epifluorescensce microscope (Axioplan 2, Zeiss, Germany) equipped with the FluoUp image analysis system (Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France).

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PLoS ONE – August 2009

[PDF] from epfl.chM Fournier, J Vitte, J Garrigue, D Langui… – 2009 –
Page 1. Parkin Deficiency Delays Motor Decline and Disease Manifestation in a Mouse
Model of Synucleinopathy Margot Fournier1,2,3, Je´re´mie Vitte1,2,3, Jéroˆme
Garrigue1,2,3, Dominique Langui1,2,3, Jean-Philippe Dullin1

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Glia – April 2009

A Colin, M Faideau, N Dufour, G Auregan, R Hassig… – Glia, 2009 – Wiley Online Library
images (six images per section, three sections, three animals) using a 63× objective on a Zeiss Axioplan2 imaging microscope equipped with automated motorized stage and an image acquisition and analysis system (FluoUp and Mercator software, Explora Nova, La Rochelle
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Anesthesiology – March 2009

K Nouette-Gaulain, N Bellance, B Prévost… – …, 2009 –
Background: Local anesthetics offer the benefits of extended analgesia with greater patient satisfaction and faster rehabilitation compared with intravenous morphine. These benefits, however, can be offset by adverse iatrogenic muscle pain caused by bupivacaine. Here, the
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PLoS One – February 2009

Normal aging modulates the neurotoxicity of mutant huntingtin [HTML] from

E Diguet, F Petit, C Escartin, K Cambon, N Bizat… – PloS one, 2009 –

enzymatic activity and β-Gal immunofluorescence were scanned at 10× objective using a Zeiss Axioplan 2 Imaging microscope equipped with a motorized stage and an image acquisition and analysis system image (FluoUp and Mercator softwares, Explora Nova, La Rochelle
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Antioxidants & Redox Signaling – Vol. 10, No. 8, 2008

Comprehensive Invited Review [PDF] from


(B) Fluo’up software (Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France) was used to calculate the skeleton of the mitochondrial network and analyze the degree of branching, as well as the length of the tubules and the num- ber of fragments.
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