Carl Zeiss obtains exclusive distributorship of Mercator

Carl Zeiss France can boast the rights to distribute Explora Nova‘s Mercator software exclusively in France. Mercator, a neuroscience and histology based software is capable of driving all Zeiss microscopes dedicated to this type of research. For more info on Mercator capable Zeiss microscopes please visit : Carl Zeiss France

Explora Nova maintains the right to sell their Mercator software in conjuction with slide scanners. For more info on Mercator for slide scanners please click here.



Explora Nova est fière d’annoncer la distribution exclusive en France du logiciel Mercator par Carl Zeiss France. Ce logiciel dédié aux neurosciences et à l’histologie est capable de piloter la gamme de microscopes Zeiss dans ces domaines. Pour plus d’information au sujet des microscopes Zeiss dédié à Mercator, n’hésitez pas à visiter: Carl Zeiss France.

Explora Nova garde la distribution du logiciel Mercator sur les scanners de lames. Pour plus d’information à ce sujet, veuillez cliquer ici.

FENS Forum 2012 – Barcelona

Explora Nova will be exhibiting this year at the FENS 8th Forum of Neuroscience.
Please feel free to pay us a visit at Stand #70 where we will be demonstrating our Mercator & Morpho Strider software as well as a brand new application combining electrophysiology and ionic imaging called CellCdx.

Explora Nova sera présente cette année au 8ème Congrés des Neurosciences de la FENS.
N’hésitez pas à venir visiter notre stand #70 où nous vous démontrerons nos logiciels Mercator, Morpho strider et une toute nouvelle application combinant électrophysiologie et imagerie ionique CellCdx.


Journal of Neuroscience – March 2012

Action of the Noradrenergic System on Adult-Born Cells Is Required for Olfactory Learning in Mice

MM Moreno, K Bath, N Kuczewski… – The Journal of Neuroscience, 2012 – Soc Neuroscience
Within each analyzed section, every BrdU- or Zif268-positive cell was counted in the granule layer of the right OB using mapping software (Mercator, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France) coupled to Zeiss microscope. The

Frontiers in Neural Circuits – January 2012

Alteration of sensory-evoked metabolic and oscillatory activities in the olfactory bulb of GLAST-deficient mice

C Martin, D Houitte, M Guillermier… – Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 2012 –
QUANTIFICATION OF LAYER VOLUME IN THE OB. Volume quantifications were done using mapping software (Mercator Pro; Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France) associated with a Zeiss microscope (Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany).

Mercator is a marvel

« J’en profite pour vous féliciter très vivement pour le développement de votre entreprise.Le logiciel Mercator est une vraie merveille, plus performante pour l’analyse de films autoradiographiques que l’équivalent nord-américain que j’ai utilisé les 2 années passées à Montréal, dans un labo de pointe en matière d’autoradiographie de récepteurs (celui de Rémi Quirion). »
« I would like to congratulate you and your company for its development. Mercator Software is a marvel, certainly more efficient for the analysis of autoradiographic film than its’ North American equivalent which I have been using the past two years in Montreal, in what is considered a reputable laboratory for the autoradiography of (Neuropeptide) receptors. »
Prof.  Emmanuel Moyse
Centre Psychiatrie & Neurosciences,
2 TER rue d’Alésia,
75014 Paris.

Journal of Biological Rhythms – December 2011

M Migaud, M Batailler, D Pillon… – Journal of Biological …, 2011 –
Quantifications of cell proliferation. The BrdU+ nuclei were quantified using computer-assisted morphome- try software (Mercator, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). Coronal sections of the diencephalon were divided into 3 areas.

Behavioural Brain Research – January 2012

F Borja… – Behavioural Brain Research, 2011 – Elsevier
Fos-IR) was performed unilaterally on 2 to 5 259 sections per structure per animal except for the preoptic area where both sides were counted 260 using an image analysis system equipped with cell-counting and cell analysis software 261 (Mercator, Explora Nova, La Rochelle

Les 2 versions

Behavioural Brain Research – January 2012

R Charra, F Datiche, A Casthano, V Gigot… – Behavioural Brain …, 2011 – Elsevier
Cell counting. Fos immunoreactivity was identified as a black precipitate in the cell nucleus. All cell counts were conducted by an experimenter blind to the animal group. The immunoreactive cells were automatically counted with the Mercator ® software (Explora Nova, France).

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