Neurological Research – December 2010

PO Fernagut, Q Barraud, E Bezard… – Neurological …, 2010 –
Sections were then rinsed in phosphate buffer, dehydrated, and cover- slipped. Regional changes in CO histochemical stain- ing of the STN were analyzed by a blinded observer using a computer-assisted image analysis system (DensiRag, ExploraNova, France).

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PLoS One – November 2010

Dopamine Transporter Binding Is Unaffected by L-DOPA Administration in Normal and MPTP-Treated Monkeys [HTML] from

PO Fernagut, Q Li, S Dovero, P Chan, T Wu… – PloS one, 2010 –

15], [20]. After substraction of background for non-specific staining, densitometric analysis of autoradiographs was performed using an image analysis system (Densirag V2.0, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). Two rostrocaudal

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Neuropeptides – April 2010

S Mahaut, Y Dumont, A Fournier, R Quirion… – Neuropeptides, 2010 – Elsevier
Films were developed routinely as described in details elsewhere (Dumont et al., 1998). 2.4.

Densitometry and data analysis. Autoradiographic films were quantified with a Biocom computerized densitometer and RAG software (Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France).
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Experimental Neurology – April 2007

A Semmler, C Frisch, T Debeir, M Ramanathan… – Experimental …, 2007 – Elsevier
area (V2L)). In the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, the area of VAChT radio immunolabeling was estimated on autoradiograms by densitometric analysis of X-ray films (Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). Measurements
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The Journal of Neuroscience – February 2006

Locus ceruleus degeneration promotes Alzheimer pathogenesis in amyloid precursor protein 23 transgenic mice [HTML] from

MT Heneka, M Ramanathan, AH Jacobs… – The Journal of …, 2006 –

Quantification of VAChT autoradiograms. In the cerebral cortex and hippocampus the area of VAChT radio immunolabeling was estimated on autoradiograms by densitometric analysis of x-ray films (Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France).
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Current Protocols in Neuroscience – 2003

[HTML] à partir de currentprotocols.comC Le Moine – Current Protocols in Neuroscience, 2003 – Wiley Online Library
1.10.1; see Basic Protocol 1) Optical table CCD video camera (eg, Sony or Panasonic) Microscope equipped with fluorescent epi-polarization Image analyzer system (Visioscan and DensiRag from Biocom or Mercator from Explora Nova) allowing densitometric analysis and

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