Breast Cancer Research & Treatment – January 2012

A Courtin, L Communal, M Vilasco… – … Cancer Research and …, 2011 – Springer
antibody (1:5000) (Santa Cruz, Heidelberg, Germany). Quantification of the relative expression of GR was performed using ExploraNova Morpho Expert software. Reporter enzyme assays Cells were transfected with MMTV-LUC

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Journal of Oral Medicine & Oral Surgery – December 2011

J Hémar, T Sauvigné, AG Bodard… – Médecine Buccale …, 2011 –
each microradiograph. The degree of mineralization of bone (DMB) was quantified using automatic software for gray level analysis (Morpho Expert and Mineralization, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). Microscopic images

Brain Research – In Press, Corrected Proof November 2011

D Pillon, V Cadiou, L Angulo… – Brain Research, 2011 – Elsevier
Embryos and placenta were weighted on a balance (Sartorius TE124S 0.1 mg precision). Crown-rump length and head diameter were measured using an image analysis system (Visiolab, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). Embryos were staged using the Theiler atlas.

Human Mutation – October 2011

C Goizet, C Depienne, G Benard… – Human …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
mitochondrial tubule length was performed using a double-blinded approach. The length of the mitochondrial tubules was evaluated with the morphometric software (Morpho.Pro; Explora Nova, France). This allowed the region

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PLoS One – July 2011

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eosin (HE) respectively. Lesion profiles were established according to Fraser’s lesion profile [31] by quantification using a computer-assisted method (Morpho Expert software, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France) [32]. Brain slices

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Journal of Orthopaedic Research – April 2011

H Follet, S Viguet‐Carrin… – Journal of …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
11 Three sections per specimen—bulk stained with xylenol orange—were measured using  fluorescence (excitation/emission wavelength of 440–570/610 nm) microscopy at ×200 magnification and morphometry software (Bone Morpho; Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France).
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Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism – Vol. 29 No.6

B Burt-Pichat, H Follet, G Toulemonde, M Arlot… – Journal of Bone and … – Springer
magnification and using morphometry software (Bone Morpho; Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). visible but tetracycline labeling (double labeling) faded and the bone area was cracks were visible but double labeling was faint (histomorphometry measurement unavailable).
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PLoS one – January 2011

Emergence of Classical BSE Strain Properties during Serial Passages of H-BSE in Wild-Type Mice [HTML] from

T Baron, J Vulin, AG Biacabe, L Lakhdar… – PLoS One, 2011 –

Finally, the slides were counterstained with aqueous hematoxylin, dehydrated, mounted using Eukitt and observed under a light microscope BX51 (Olympus, France) coupled to an image analysis workstation (MorphoExpert software, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France).
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The Journal of Comparative Neurology – March 2011

magnification images were observed under an epifluorescent microscope (IX81 Olympus) equipped with FITC, Cy3, Dapi, and infrared 680 nm filters for multichannel images that were acquired with two image analysis programs (CellM, Olympus or MorphoPro, ExploraNova).
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