The FASEB Journal – February 2012

The KUPKB: a novel Web application to access multiomics data on kidney disease

J Klein, S Jupp, P Moulos, M Fernandez… – The FASEB Journal, 2012 – FASEB
Histomorphometric analyses were performed as described previously (25), using a commercially available image-analysis software that allows rebuilding of a kidney section from adjacent individual captures (Mosaïc software; Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France).

Journal of Neuroscience – March 2012

Action of the Noradrenergic System on Adult-Born Cells Is Required for Olfactory Learning in Mice

MM Moreno, K Bath, N Kuczewski… – The Journal of Neuroscience, 2012 – Soc Neuroscience
Within each analyzed section, every BrdU- or Zif268-positive cell was counted in the granule layer of the right OB using mapping software (Mercator, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France) coupled to Zeiss microscope. The

Journal of Neuroscience – November 2011

l-DOPA Impairs Proteasome Activity in Parkinsonism through D1 Dopamine Receptor

A Berthet, E Bezard, G Porras, S Fasano… – The Journal of …, 2012 –
Neurons were viewed and randomly selected by the investigator with a Zeiss Axioplan 2  fluorescence microscope with a ×100, 1.4 NA lens and captured on a Micromax-cooled CCD camera (Princeton Instruments) using Fluo Up imaging V1.00 software (Explora Nova).

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research – March 2012

G Venturi, A Gandini, E Monti… – Journal of Bone and …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
Sections were stained with Goldner’s stain and measurements were performed by means of an image analysis system (Bone 3.5, Explora Nova, France). Histomorphometric parameters were reported in accordance with the ASBMR Committee nomenclature.

Frontiers in Neural Circuits – January 2012

Alteration of sensory-evoked metabolic and oscillatory activities in the olfactory bulb of GLAST-deficient mice

C Martin, D Houitte, M Guillermier… – Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 2012 –
QUANTIFICATION OF LAYER VOLUME IN THE OB. Volume quantifications were done using mapping software (Mercator Pro; Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France) associated with a Zeiss microscope (Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany).

Journal of Biological Rhythms – December 2011

M Migaud, M Batailler, D Pillon… – Journal of Biological …, 2011 –
Quantifications of cell proliferation. The BrdU+ nuclei were quantified using computer-assisted morphome- try software (Mercator, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). Coronal sections of the diencephalon were divided into 3 areas.

Behavioural Brain Research – January 2012

F Borja… – Behavioural Brain Research, 2011 – Elsevier
Fos-IR) was performed unilaterally on 2 to 5 259 sections per structure per animal except for the preoptic area where both sides were counted 260 using an image analysis system equipped with cell-counting and cell analysis software 261 (Mercator, Explora Nova, La Rochelle

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Behavioural Brain Research – January 2012

R Charra, F Datiche, A Casthano, V Gigot… – Behavioural Brain …, 2011 – Elsevier
Cell counting. Fos immunoreactivity was identified as a black precipitate in the cell nucleus. All cell counts were conducted by an experimenter blind to the animal group. The immunoreactive cells were automatically counted with the Mercator ® software (Explora Nova, France).

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Breast Cancer Research & Treatment – January 2012

A Courtin, L Communal, M Vilasco… – … Cancer Research and …, 2011 – Springer
antibody (1:5000) (Santa Cruz, Heidelberg, Germany). Quantification of the relative expression of GR was performed using ExploraNova Morpho Expert software. Reporter enzyme assays Cells were transfected with MMTV-LUC

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Journal of Oral Medicine & Oral Surgery – December 2011

J Hémar, T Sauvigné, AG Bodard… – Médecine Buccale …, 2011 –
each microradiograph. The degree of mineralization of bone (DMB) was quantified using automatic software for gray level analysis (Morpho Expert and Mineralization, Explora Nova, La Rochelle, France). Microscopic images