Fluo Suite incorporated in Morpho Strider

Fluo Suite was a complete system aimed at fluorescence microscopy which has now been incorporated into the Morpho Strider – general image analysis application. It was developed in collaboration with cutting-edge research teams in the fluorescence microscopy area..


Extended Depth Focus from a Z Image Stack:

Cell culture – Before and after deblurring:

Histology image stack – Before and after deblurring:

Key Features

2D Deconvolution

  • Deblurring methods: No Neighbor;
  • Restoration methods: Lucy-Richardson, Gold-Meinel;
  • Blind Deconvolution

3D Deconvolution

  • Pearson’s coefficient;
  • Manders;
  • Overlap;
  • Colocalization m1 m2;
  • Icorr – nMDP (normalized Mean Deviation Product);
  • Scatterplot;

3D visualization

  • Volume rendering for 3D stack of images (free handling : translation, rotation, magnification) to obtain a better visualization.
  • 3D Image Section X-Z et Y-Z to verify the colocalization
  • Export of video sequences (AVI)

Morphometric & Densitometric Analysis

  • Morphometry: surface, diameter, perimeter,…
  • Densitometry: sum of intensity by channel, profiles, histogram of grey levels,…
  • Nearest neighbors & maximum likelihood

Structured light acquisition
Structured light acquisition with OptiGrid provides optical sectioning with unprecedented simplicity and light efficiency, while maintaining the optical integrity and image quality of its host microscope. OptiGrid offers confocal fluorescence image sectioning and multiple fluorescence Image sectioning and software for extended depth of focus, 3D and surface reconstruction.

Compatible with the Full Spectrum of Fluorescence Dyes

Angstrom from Quorum Technologies
This product was designed to circumvent common engineering limitations and restrictions found in the illumination pathways of microscope stands available in today’s market. The Angstrom is an optical projection device. The system is modular in nature and can be used for several microscope applications, the most common of which are associated with fluorescence illumination.

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