Xtal Focus

Xtal Focus

Images and results produced in various applications with Xtal Focus

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Designed to fit on a lab table as well as into any budget, the XTal Focus Station is a modular & expandable protein crystal experiment design, imaging & analysis system. It can be configured to meet a large range of budgetary and performance requirements, from low-throughput or entry level research applications to high-throughput, drug discovery programs always guaranteeing an excellent image of crystals at any depth.


The XTal Focus system automatically images crystallization experiments and links images with crystallization conditions. The system is completely data centric providing a chemical and crystallization database, including the capability of importing crystallization screens and more…

XTal Focus provides a simple, yet powerful interface, for viewing images and conditions for evaluation and scoring. Allowing Users to remotely view and score their images over the web or across other platforms such as Mac or PC.

Keeping track of your experiment has never been easier. XTal Focus helps to efficiently organizing your experiment from start to finish. The database tracks all the information such as chemicals, screens, protein samples, images, as well as their scores across thousands of images. @Consult simplifies and aids in the crystallization process by providing tools that enable users to greatly improve crystallization trial productivity with minimal user intervention. Design well-targeted experiments, efficiently use protein samples and set up repeatable optimization experiments.

Image viewing and scoring

  • Quickly retrieve, analyze, and score images
  • View conditions associated with each image
  • View a time line of images, collected throughout the life of the experiment
  • View thumbnails of an entire plate for quick examination of overall crystallization quality
  • Export XTal Focus Consult files (xml) to consult image and information

Protein Crystallization Interface

Remote viewing

  • View and score images and conditions remotely using XTal Focus
  • Cross-platform capabilities for viewing image results from Mac or LINUX

Xtal Focus is recognized for the quality of the images, the robustness of the system, the speed of acquisition (in excess of 500 96-well plates per day, 1 image per drop) and the modularity of the solution. The system is available for room temperature applications. It can be successfully installed in a cold room for use at lower temperatures reducing the cost for additional incubators. The system is fully customizable to include incubators and automated storage hotels.


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