Mercator Poll

The Mercator Poll system is entirely dedicated to the control of particulate pollution such as it is practised in the oil industry (lubricants, hydraulic fluids…) or in the manufacturing industry (aerospace, automobile…). It is composed of a Digital Imaging Station controlling a motorized microscope in X and Y and autofocus in Z.The software automatically analyses the membranes of micro-filtration according to the quality control standard being applied at the time. (NFE 48-651, ISO 4406, ISO/DIS 16232, AS4059).

The principal functionalities are as follows:

  • Definition of the analysis,
  • Characterization of the sample to be analyzed,
  • Automaticcentering of the membrane using 3 reference points,
  • Detection of the particles,
  • 2 levels of detection with automatic objective changes,
  • Fibre and large particles analysed using reconstruction of the larger image,
  • Factor of elongation is applied for the detection of fibres,
  • Characterization of the diameter of the particles based on the diameters of Feret,
  • 3 complimentary thresholds allow the analysis of 3 distinct types of pollutants,
  • Use of the RGB-HLS model allowing the most acurate detection of pollutants,
  • Filtration of analysis according to size or thresholding,
  • Results are integrated to include 3 detection results comprising,
  • Complete identification of the product,
  • Conditions of analyses,
  • Results in 11 classifications (1 reserved for fibres),
  • Differential and cumulative Graphs,
  • User-defined reports,
  • Report format – 100% compatible with MS Excel.