Explora Nova supplies a wide range of hardware from the following manufacturers, to mention a few:
– Microscopes from Carl Zeiss, Leica Microsystems
– Cameras from Hamamatsu, Jenoptik …
– Stages from Märzhäuser, Objective Imaging, ASI,  LEP and Prior
– Illumination Control from Exfo, CoolLed, Till Photonics …
– Other peripherals from LEP, Uniblitz, Prior, Sutter …
– System from Quorum Technologies, Spectral Applied Research
– Cytomats, incubators and plate or slide handlers

We are also able to integrate all hardware from the above manufacturers and more.

Please consult the supported devices list to establish if your hardware is currently supported.

Explora Nova’s systems are fully customizable to incorporate your existing hardware, should your hardware not appear on the supported devices list please contact us to discuss the possibility to include it.