Stereology Week 2008

Stereology Course with Vyvyan Howard
25 – 28 November 2008
La Rochelle, France

Course Brochure

Stereology Week is a workshop held Annually in March and is organized by Explored Nova, with the participation of Vyvyan Howard, Matt Reed and Gesa Staats de Yans.

It is intended for researchers and engineers from the fields of biology, medicine, and material sciences, and more generally with any person having an interest and questions concerning three-dimensional measurement in microscopy.

The approach of this course is centered on the practical aspects of stereology. It demonstrates that results are obtained efficiently and accurately gives rules for setting up experimental designs in accordance with unbiased stereology.

You will learn how to use the concepts and tools of stereology combined with practical exercises (including use of computerized microscopes optimized for stereology).

The instructors will be at your disposal to answer all your questions, from the method of preparing your samples, to the most complex mathematical formulas as well discuss the choice of the equipment.

After a talk on Stereological Concepts, geometrical quantification in 3D and randomness, each tool will be used in examples.


Next session:
23 – 26 March 2010
Bordeaux France

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